Our Team


"When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves."

Viktor E. Frankl

We are a diverse group of +25 Coaches in Barcelona and beyond that are dedicated to create better and healthier companies that match the needs of our new world.  Some of them highlighted here:


Coach & Breathwork Instructor

Background: German Lawyer

Style: Systemic

Working Languages: German & English

Location: Berlin & Barcelona


Performance & Executive Coach

Background: Healthcare/-Tech

Style: Somatic, Therapeutic, Consulting

Working Languages: German, English

Location: Zurich & Berlin


Business & Leadership Coach

Background: GALLUP & Gartner

Style: Somatic & Therapeutic

Languages: Chinese, English, Spanish

Location: Barcelona


Authenticity & Communications Coach & Speaker

Style: Motivational

Working Languages: Swedish, English & German

Location: Stockholm, Brussels, Barcelona


Coach for Burnout & Menopause

Book Author: "Resilience"

Style: Deep, Transformational

Languages: English, Spanish

Location: Barcelona


Mindset Coach

Style: Empathetic, Emotional

NLP, NVC, Mindfulness

Working Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish

Location: Barcelona & Antwerp

Why us?

We nail 3 things:

1. Matchmaking: In our free intake calls, we make sure to find the perfect coach(es) for you.

2. Customization: We can cover smaller and bigger projects. Perfectly tailored to your needs.

3. Diversity & experience: You will have a hard time finding another bunch that is as diverse in their background and skillset, which makes us the go-to place for all things coaching.

Our Top 3 Services


 Wellbeing Workshops, Speaker engagements, Webinars in order to educate your community or company about the current mental health challenges at the workplace.

1 on 1 Coaching

Executive Coaching, Founder Coaching, middle Management Leadership. You name it.

We have a wide range of specialists in our portfolio that can coach in numerous languages and styles.


Get access to a coaching abbonnemant to ensure your company will always be covered. Tap into 1on1 Executive Coaching, Leadership Workshops, on demand retreats and more.