All the answers are inside of you. Just be brave enough and listen.

- Francesco Enrico Carbone

Coaching for people with purpose

I give impact-driven people the tools to build a sustainable life model and reach their goals without being burned by our growth obsessed economy.

Life can be tough.

You can be tougher.

My edge

I know your stuff - Growing companies. Building teams. Managing pressure from investors, customers and peers. Situations that only one can understand who went through it.

I am an experienced leader - I managed teams remote and face to face. I know how to motivate, educate and align teams under a common purpose. Not only in theory, but in practice, too.

And I bring diverse qualifications - I am a certified Systemic Coach, specialized in health and certified Life Crisis Manager. With a background in Psychology (Bachelor NC) and various courses completed around non violent communication, lead-the-leader,I also lead the positive psychology programme Potentialife at an innovation hub.

The MACHT principle


Set your compass bearing.


Know yourself, better than ever.

Changes & Habits

Put the right steps in the right place.


Be water, my friend.



"Its a pain to work with you. And the pain is the beauty of it. You push with things that are uncomfortable yet so important!"

David Padilla

- CO-Founder & CEO of Kenjo


“The benchmark you are setting is intimidating to the market.”

Noor van Booven

- Founder of, former CPO of N26 & Soundcloud


“Francesco, it is simply pure luxury to have you on board.”

Julian Teicke

- Founder, CEO and Board Memeber of wefox

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