All the answers are inside of you.

Just be brave enough and listen.

Francesco Enrico Carbone

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Coaching with Impact

Purpose-driven founders deserve tools to build sustainable life and business models without being burned by a growth obsessed economy. I am here to equip them with the best possible setup.

Life can be tough.

You can be tougher.

My Edge

Been there, done that.

Growing companies. Building teams. Managing pressure from investors, customers and peers. Situations that only one can understand who went through it.

Walk the talk.

I managed teams remotely and face to face. I know how to motivate, educate and align teams under a common purpose. Not only in theory, but in practice, too.

Learn like you live forever.

I am a certified Systemic Coach, specialized in health and certified Life Crisis Manager. With a background in Psychology (Bachelor: not completed) and various courses completed around non violent communication, lead-the-leader,I also lead the positive psychology programme Potentialife at an innovation hub. I am a trained Somatic Coach, Hatha & Yin Yoga teacher, too.

The MACHT Principle


Set your compass bearing.


Know yourself, better than ever.

Changes & Habits

Put the right steps in the right place.


Be water, my friend.



He can go deep and works in a holistic way, which is SUPER RARE for coaches with real business experience!

Julius Bachmann

- Investor, Executive Coach & Co-Founder of Journey


“The benchmark he is setting is intimidating the market.”

Noor van Booven

- Founder of Ex-CPO of N26 & Soundcloud


“It is simply pure luxury to have Francesco on board.”

Julian Teicke

- Board Member, Founder & CEO wefox


"He knows when to challenge me, when to support, and when to simply probe deeper. If you are taking self-development seriously, I highly recommend working with Francesco.”

Julia Steigerwald

- Founder & CEO of

Juno & me


"Its a pain to work with him. And the pain is the beauty of it. Francesco pushes with things that are uncomfortable yet so important!"

David Padilla

- CO-Founder & CEO

of Kenjo


Francesco knows what it means to build a business - incl. all it’s ups and all it’s downs. Working with him helps me grow not only as a founder and leader, but also as a person.

Christian Sutter

- Co-Founder & CEO of mympact

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