The next industrial revolution is coming.
In this new paradigm, we need: distributed ownership, transparent knowledge and seamless communication close to zero marginal cost.

This means we need to rethink business as it is.
Not as a “winner takes it all” type of thing, but as a compassionate global community.

With my coaching I help companies and individuals to win at this new era of work. How? Have a look at my offer.

1 on 1 Coaching

Systemic coaching helps you to overcome mental barriers, create resilience, reflect and gain an optimistic outlook for your current and future challenges.

You don't need to master everything by yourself.

Ask for help!


How can I evolve to become the leader that my team deserves?

How do I lose control but still give guidance?

How do I help my team to be healthy AND driven?


Did your team already make the shift from time tracking to outcome tracking?

No goals means no focus, means no responsibility or ownership of success or failure.


How do I deal with stress?

How do I protect my energy?

How do I become a sustainable professional?


The best cultural setup will fail if you let too many demoters compromise your efforts. One smoker in a bus is enough to make the whole bus smell.

Make sure to hire the best add-ons to your team.